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Author: Mr. T

Roots & Culture: Two Soundsystems – One Live Set!

After having supported previous Roots & Culture dances, Reggae Geel Brukout teams up once again with the promoters of the regular Roots & Culture events. Their next event @ Zappa brings you two soundsystems from Bruges, Belgium plus a live set by Wise Rockers from France.

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Unity 2020

For several years now, UNITY has been known as the annual reggae and double event that connects live concerts with sound system sets and at the same time stands for the connection between the audience and artists and vice versa. For the 2020 edition, however, we wanted to go one step further by also going for true fraternization on stage with Tippa Irie & Friends.

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Joggo @ Zen Unplugged

Cafe The Zen & Reggae Geel Brukout are proud to present Zen Unplugged: a series of intimate acoustic sessions. For the fifth edition we’ve invited Amsterdam-based Joggo, who emerged in 2008 with his mixtape “Beware” and since then has released some noteworthy singles and albums. Sounds for this event by Hailes Bless.

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Roots Lab Presents: Keety Roots & Donovan Kingjay

Reggae Geel Brukout’s collab with Giraffe Soundsystem outta Turnhout, Belgium has given birth to a brand new concept in town called ‘Roots Lab Presents…’. For their first event they invited two roots warriors from the UK, Keety Roots & Donovan Kingjay. Cheap drinks! Come early, leave late! Vibes Vibes Vibes!

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Roots & Culture – Coronation Dance

Reggae Geel Brukout has previously supported the promoters of the regular Roots & Culture events and now they do it again for the next Rootical dance. This event @ Zappa features Bloodhound Soundsystem, Ashanti Selah & Junior Roy.

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