Roots & Culture: Sound Meeting

December 8, 2018 - Zappa, Antwerp, Belgium.


After having supported previous Roots & Culture dances, Reggae Geel Brukout teams up once again with the promoters of the regular Roots & Culture events. For the next event @ Zappa, two Sounds are invited:

Blackbird Soundsystem (Antwerp, Belgium)
Asfaw Soundsystem (Geel, Belgium)

Regularly check the facebook event page for additional info.


ROOTS & CULTURE: SOUND MEETING w/ Blackbird Soundsystem & Asfaw Soundsystem

When: December 8, 2018 | Where: Zappa, August Leyweg 6, Antwerp, Belgium | Doors: 21:00 | End: 05:00 | Tickets: 8

Blackbird Soundsystem

BLACKBIRD SOUNDSYSTEM was founded in 2015 in Antwerp and has got four members. Spliff well Fat, Shanti, Missing Link & Visionz. All four of them were playing the Roots Music long time before. They all played their sets at the Wayward Wednesdays back in the nineties @ Izzymaze. All four together got an endless list of big Roots tunes in their boxes! The Sound was build to represent this kind of Reggae. The Roots! Inspired by the rising of all the Soundsystems in Belgium but the lack of a 100% Roots Sound they put their heads & skills together to start building. Blackbird Soundsystem was born.
Recently Juli Jupter joined the crew to enforce them with lyrical support. Known from the Blackbird Session in Trix they now come to Zappa to spread their message of Love & Unity.
Strictly Roots & Culture style!

Blackbird Soundsystem
Asfaw Soundsystem

Asfaw Soundsystem

ASFAW SOUNDSYSTEM was founded in 2014 in Geel. Inspired by the vibes at the 18” corner at Reggae Geel and also the fact that there was no Soundsystem representing Geel made them decide to start building. After looking up speakerplans and building many hours in the backyard Asfaw Soundsystem was born. The Soundsystem was called after the Menen Asfaw. Last empress of Ethiopia. Four years later the Sound has grown into a full 10 Kw System. Since three years they have their own festival called Wadada and are involved with the programmation of the 18” corner at the Reggae Geel festival.
Vibes guaranteed!