100% Belgian Dub Night

November 15, 2018 - VK*, Brussels, Belgium.


On Thursday the 15th of November 2018 Reggae Geel, Reggae Geel Brukout and VKconcerts are the hosts for 100% BELGIAN DUB NIGHT, the opening party for the 4th international Nights Conference on nightlife and music in Belgium. The three-day congress is titled ‘Beyond The Paradox’ and this year takes place in Brussels, Belgium. 100% BELGIAN DUB NIGHT is open to the public, so all reggae, roots, dub fans mark this date on your calender!!

Big dub sounds just like at the Nothing Hill Carnival. Not one, but THREE dub sound systems will be set up in the VK concert hall.

Reggaebus Soundsystem (Brussels, Belgium)
54Sound (Brussels, Belgium)
Asfaw Soundsystem (Geel, Belgium)

Regularly check the facebook event page for additional info.


100% BELGIAN DUB NIGHT w/ Reggaebus Soundsystem, 54 Sound & Asfaw Soundsystem

When: November 15, 2018 | Where: VK*, Schoolstraat 76, Brussels, Belgium | Time: 7:30pm-1:30am | Admission: Pre € 8,- / € 10,-


For the past ten years or so, members of Reggaebus have organized events in Brussels and other cities in and outside Belgium. They have established their name with their famous Reggaebus Festival, which is highly acclaimed and draws many dubheads. In 2013, they built and launched their own sound system. They play a wide selection of sounds, from old Roots Reggae to Dub and Stepper.


54 SOUND is a complete handcrafted soundsystem by Brussels based 54 Kolaktiv, known for their eclectic, accessible and fresh parties since 2007. They started with a strong desire and need to spread vibes in a quality and affordable way in & around Brussels. Through a crowdfunding campaign with Growfunding.be they reached their goal. The system was crafted during a workshop in September 2014, led under the watchful guidance of Jahmbassador Hi-Fi & Ionyouth Sound, which shared their experience. Theirr 4WAY CONTROLLED SOUNDSYSTEM is in shape and up running ever since. They offer quality bass-orientated sound at very democratic prices, following the promise we made to our investors.


Asfaw Soundsystem was born in 2014 in Geel. Inspired by the vibes at the 18” corner at Reggae Geel and also the fact that there was no Soundsystem representing Geel made them decide to start building. After looking up speakerplans and building many hours in the backyard Asfaw Soundsystem was born. The Soundsystem was called after the Menen Asfaw. Last empress of Ethiopia. Four years later the Sound has grown into a full 10 KW System. Since three years they have their own festival called Wadada and are involved with the programmation of the 18” corner at the Reggae Geel festival.
Vibes guaranteed!


Who shall take care of the night?
The experts, the politicians, the clubbers, the street workers, the citizens, you ?

Belgium has a very diverse and rich nightlife culture. It is famous for its world class festivals, its amazing club scene, and its wide variety of bars and restaurants. That is why NIGHTS2018 will be hosted in Brussels for 3 days & 3 nights.

REGISTER HERE : https://nights-conference.org/info/tickets/
>> 10 sessions avec traduction en français

46 sessions and many side events with cross-sectoral workshops, discussions and project presentations will also provide an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary networking on a European scale.

Have a look at our program : https://nights-conference.org/schedule/ to know more about:
– Night Councils, Night Mayors & Governance
– Chem Sex, Alcohol Regulation & Drugs Trends 2018
– Festivals Sustainability, Social Innovation, Drug Policies…
– Sound & Noise Politics and New Technologies


Reggae Geel turned forty this year. The Belgian festival is one of Europe’s oldest reggae festivals. Like at all festivals, some people seem to enjoy music more when using drugs. However, the views and approaches of the many stakeholders involved in tackling drug use and drug related incidents at festivals are often conflicting. While the police might go for zero tolerance and a total crackdown, harm reduction workers might not consider this the best strategy. NIGHTS Conference speaker Johan Tackx will address these conflicts of interest. He’s been involved in organising Reggae Geel since the early nineties and is responsible for prevention and safe partying. His insights are indispensable, since he’s also a psychologist at Katarsis, a rehabilitation centre offering a long-term programme for drug addicts. With an expert panel at NIGHTS Conference Johan will discuss how to design a collaborative festival drug policy, beneficial to all stakeholders.

Furthermore Johan is also NIGHTS Conference speaker in a panel that discusses the following subject: The variety of services and cultural offers that are a part of today’s music venues and festivals is impressive. What about the evolution of their social engagement and responsibilities towards their attendees and their role within their local or national environment?


On the last day the conference hall will feature a musical setting, free to attend for participants in the congress of that day and also for others who are interested. However the latter need to register at https://www.nights-conference.org/. Serendipity Sound System is a mobile 12 volt discobar suitable for all type of environment where there is no electricity provided or difficult to get, like forests, desolate places, streets, abandoned buildings… It runs strictly conscious & positive records in all styles and genres. The bass sounds heavy and the top sounds crisp!! Sirens and mic juices the vibes!